SAP Funds Management


SAP Funds Management Course Content

Master data elements in Funds management:

Fund – Source and use of financing

Fund Center – Organizational Structure

Commitment Item – Expenses and Revenues

Functional Area – Program or Activity

Fund Type – Description

Funded Program – Lower level internal programs or activity

Funds Management Transaction processing:

Budget return

Budget return- Pre post

Budget return – Post

Budget Supplement

Define field status variant

Assign field status variant to company code

Define field selection string

Define document number ranges

Define number ranges for actual postings

Assign number ranges to FM area

Activate / Deactivate funds management

Closing operations

Commitment closing operations

Create number range for fiscal year documents

Enter settings for commitment carry forward budget management

FM integration with asset accounting

FM integration with MM

Budget planning :

Budget planning

Budget run

Budget planning process

Budget over all report

Copying from one version to another

Generating budget data into final version

Freeze budget version

Budget control system :

BCS planning

BCS Budgeting

BCS Availability control

Funds management specific postings:

Earmarked funds


Advance payments

Recording actual and commitment data

Closing operations

Payment card processing in accounting

Former budgeting



Cash Flows

5.1 Define Internal Cash Flow Components

5.2 Assign Cash Flow Category

5.3 Define Mapping of Cash Flow Components

6 Investor Contracts

6.1 Define Intervals Tolerances

6.2 Assigning Flow Types and Conditions to Contract Types

6.3 Defining Flow Type for Application Function

6.4 Define Discount

7 Monitoring

7.1 Define Events

7.2 Define Event Categories

7.3 Define Handling Notes

7.4 Assign Events and Handling Notes

8 Customer-Specific Enhancement Options

8.1 Application Logic

8.2 Inbound interfaces

8.3 Outbound interfaces