Identity Manager Training 11g PS1/PS2/PS3

Oracle Identity Manager Training 11g PS1/PS2/PS3

Oracle Identity Manager Training 11g PS1/PS2/PS3 Course Content.

Overviewof OIM Administration    

Importance of identity management
Introduction to Oracle Identity Manager
Identity management advantages and functional aspects
Oracle Identity Manager Architecture and Administration Infrastructure.

Understanding Oracle Identity Manager

Understanding Oracle Identity and Access Management related fusion middleware products;
Understanding the business challenges and better solutions by a single vendor of Oracle Identity Manager.

Installation/Uninstallation and Configuration Phase

Installation/Configuration of Oracle Database and creation of Database
Installation/Configuration of Application Server e.g. WebLogic/WebSphere
Installation/Configuration of Middleware Managed Server SOA
Installation/Configuration of Oracle Identity Manager and its related Fusion Middleware Products.

Starting/Stopping the Servers and Understanding usage of Server’s related Consoles

Understanding WebLogic Server Consoles and covers 40% of WebLogic Administration.
Understanding SOA Server Consoles and covers 50% of SOA Administration.
Understanding Oracle Identity Manager Consoles and covers 100% OIM Administration.

Managing Users,Roles, Organizations

Explain three types of Oracle Identity Manager Users
Discuss Oracle Identity Manager User membership in organizations and user groups
Compare similarities and differences between organizations and user groups
Create records for an organization, three types of Oracle Identity Manager Users, and a user group
Assign an Oracle Identity Manager user to a user group
Explain how proxies function for administrative substitution
View and Modify Profiles
Change challenge questions and reset passwords

Understanding and work on OIM Connectors

Overview of OIM Connectors
Why we use Connectors over LDAP sync feature as already available in OIM.
Types of Oracle Identity Manager Connectors.
Overview of Custom Connector (It is a part of OIM Development)
Installation/Uninstallation of Connectors.
How to Integrate Connectors to Other External Resources like OID,EBS, Novell, BMC Remedy etc.

Understanding IT Resource and Application Instances for Connected &Disconnected Resources.

Overview of IT Resource
Overview of Application Instances
Practice on Different Possible Use cases.

Understanding Provisioning and Practice on Different Use Cases.

Overview of OIM Provisioning
What are the Advantages of Provisioning?
Types of Provisioning.
1. Auto/Self Provisioning
2. Request Based Provisioning
3. Access Policy Based Provisioning
Understanding How to use these provisioning types where to use and when do we use?

Understanding and work on Reconciliation

Overview of Reconciliation and Its Advantages.
Types of Reconciliation
1. Trusted Source Reconciliation
2. Target Source Reconciliation
Practice on Different Use cases.

Understanding and work on Workflows, Tasks and Requests

Understanding Requests
Overview of JDeveloper tools which is used to Develop SOA-Composites.
Deploying sample SOA Composites to Understanding Provisiong Types.
Managing/Observing complete Approval Workflows(Serial and Parallel)

Understanding and work on Entitlements 
Overview of Entitlements and Its Advantages.
What is the Purpose of Entitlements and its Life cycle?
Creating Groups on Target Resource.

Managing BI Publisher Reports

Installation and Configuration of BI Publisher
Integration of BI Publisher with OIM.
Overview of BI Publisher Reports and Types of Reports.
Generating BI Publisher Audit Reports
Customizing Audit Reports.

Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging for OIM

Explanation and Practice on Auditing and Monitoring and Logging.

Transferring OIM Configurations
Deployment Manager Overview and Hands-on-Practice.
Sandbox Overview
Creating and Publishing the Sandbox.
Exporting and Importing Sandbox.

Troubleshooting Techniques

The Diagnostic Dashboard
Purge Cache at Admin Server Level
Purge Cache at OIM Server Level.

Working Attestation and Certification

Overview of Attestation and Certification
What are the Differences between Attestation and Certification in OIM?
Practice on Different Possible Use cases.

Note: More Explanation/Practice for required/Additional topics