SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS Online Training Course Details…

What is BODS:- It is an ETL tool currently acquired by SAP used for integration with all types of disparate systems, extracting data from them, transforming them into meaningful information and loading them into all types of systems.

It is tightly integrated with SAP systems and hence really a good tool to migrate data from legacy systems to SAP systems with ease and less development efforts with effective debugging and monitoring capabilities.

SAP Bods Online Training Course Content

BODS overview

  • Over view of the Data services
  • Data services benefits, associated products, interfaces

BODS Architecture

  • SAPBODS Architecture
  • Architecture comparison b/w BODS 3.x and 4.x
  • Role of SAP BIBO in SAP BODS Architecture

SAP BODS Installation and Configuration

  • Steps involved in SAP BODS Installation
  • Role of IPS in SAP BODS Installation

SAP BIBO Platform Components in SAP BODS

  • How to register the BODS in SAP BIBO Platform 4.1
  • How to register the Local Repository in CMC
  • How to register the Central Repository in CMC
  • How to register the Profiling Repository in CMC
  • Assign/Remove the rights on SAP BODS Activities

BODS Repository Manager:

  • Creating the repository (Local, Central repository)

SAP BODS Server Manager

  • Add the job Server
  • Configure the job Server
  • Associate the job server with Local repository
  • Associate the job server with Central Repository
  • Associate the job server with Profiler Repository

SAP BODS Designer Concepts

  • Exploring the menu options in the designer
  • Creating the project, Job flow, Data flow, Work flows etc.,
  • Defining different types of Data stores (Source and destination data stores)
  • Use data store and system configurations
  • Defining file formats for flat, Excel, XML files

Batch Jobs

  • Creating Batch Jobs
  • Work with objects
  • Create a data flow
  • Adding the Query transform to the data flow
  • Use target tables
  • Execute the job

Defining Data Integrator Transforms

  • Defining Data Integrator Transforms
  • Various Transforms and its implementation

Defining Data Platform Transforms

  • Defining Data Platform Transforms
  • Various Transforms and its implementation

Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables

  • Define built-in functions
  • Use functions in expressions
  • Use the lookup function
  • Use variables and parameters
  • Use Data Services scripting language

Data Profiling

  • Using the data profiler
  • Types of Data Profiling
  • Basic Profiling
  • Detail Column Profiling
  • Relationship Profiling
  • Using the validation transform

Setting up Error Handling

  • Set up recoverable work flows
  • Try/Catch Techniques

SAP BODS Management Console

  • Schedule SAP BODS job
  • Monitoring the SAP BODS job
  • Add the BODS job configuration
  • How to get SAP BODS job Execution Statistics
  • BODS job Execution Statistics

SAP Integration with SAPBODS

  • Import Transports of SAP BODS in SAP ECC
  • Configuration of SAP ECC and SAP BODS
  • Different Data Transfer methods
    • RFC
    • Direct Download
    • Shared Directory
    • FTP Directory
  • ABAP Execution Options
  • Configure SAP Applications Data Store in SAP BODS