SAP GRC Online Training

SAP GRC V 10.0 Online Training Details


  • .Introduction to SAP Access Control 10.0
  • .Access Control 10.0 Overview
  • .Key Features and Benefits
  • .Transporting Objects
  • .User Interface Overview
  • ..Managing Compliance with Access Control 10.0
  • .Segregation of Duties Risk Management Process
  • .Information Architecture, Security, and Authorization

Access Risk Analysis

  • .Emergency Access Management
  • .Emergency Access Management Overview
  • .Centralized Firefighting
  • .Plan for Emergency Access
  • .Monitor Emergency Access

Business Role Management

  • .Design and Manage Roles
  • .Configure Role Management
  • .Configure Role Methodology
  • .Plan for Technical Role Definition
  • .Plan for Business Role Definition
  • .Consolidate Roles through Role Mining
  • .Mass Manage Roles

Access Request Management

  • .Provision and Manage Users
  • .Plan for User Access
  • .Define User Provisioning
  • .Design End User Personalization Forms
  • .Request Approval
  • .Periodic Access Review Process
  • .Plan Periodic Review
  • .Review Access Risk (Sod Review)
  • .Monitor User Access
  • .Monitor Role Access
  • .Business Rule Framework (BRF)
  • .Define workflow related Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow Rules
  • .Define business rules using the BRF Workbench.

Reporting Framework

  • .Reporting
  • .Reporting Framework
  • .Change Existing Reports
  • Miscellaneous
  • .Add Custom Fields to Access Requests and Roles
  • .Access Control Implementation Process
  • .Implementation Process Overview
  • .Designing the Access Control Solution…