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SAP IS Utilities Customer Care and Services Online Training Course Details

SAP ISU Master Data Over view

ISU Master Data Over view

Regional Structures                               

a. Purpose of regional structure

b. Postal Regional structure

c. Political Regional structure

d. Company Regional structure

e. Dependencies of Regional structures                                                                   


Schedule Master Record                                                       

i. Parameter Record

ii. Portion

iii. Meter reading unit

iv. Creation of the above

Business Master Data                                   

i. Business Partner

ii. Contract account

iii. Contract                 

iv. Creation of Business master data               

i. Connection Object

ii. Premise

iii. Installation   

o Technical Master data                           

iv. Creation of Technical master data

Device Installation

i. Technical Installation of the Device

ii. Billing related installation of the Device

iii. Full installation of the Device                                 

Move-in & Move-out

a. Move-in Introduction                           

b. Move-in Business scenario

c. Move-in Processing

d. Changes to contract data during Move-in

e. Allocation of Contract to installation

CIC Configuration

 CIC Terminology

 CIC Profile: Framework and Compnents

 CIC Customizing: Create Framework

 CIC Visible Compnents

 CIC Customizing: Assign Visible compnents to slots

 CIC Hidden Components

 CIC Customizing: Assign Hidden components to slots

 CIC Customizing: Assign Framework and Component profiles in the CIC profile

 CIC Customizing: Assign CIC Profile to an organizational level in organization management

 Organizational Plan

 CIC Organizational Structure

 Allocate the CIC Profile in the Organizational Plan

 Assigning a CIC Profile to a user id

 Starting the CIC.

Navigation and Application Area

 IS-U Navigator Structure

 Customizing Navigation Area

 Data Environment for the Navigation Area

 Customizing Navigation Area: Context Menu

 Data and Documents in the Navigation Area

 CIC Application Area

 Customizing Application Area

 Defining HTML Calls

 HTML Configuration

 Customer Overview

 Customer Contact

Front Office Process

 Definition

 Example

 Data flow of front office processes

 Data Export and Data Import

 Action Box Call: Data flow

 Data flow clipboard

 Data flow Context Menu

Disconnection/ Reconnection

 Business Scenario

 Process of Disconnection and Reconnection

 Disconnection Triggers

 Disconnection Document and Reference  object

 Disconnection Document Component

 Confirm Disconnection Order

 Contract Specific Disconnection

 Create Disconnection Document: Example

 Customizing Processing Variant