SAP ISU CRM Online Training

SAP ISU CRM Online Training Course Details.

SAP ISU CRM Online Training Course Content

1. Middleware concepts
1.1 Concepts of Middleware
1.3 Setting up of RFC connection

2. CRM MW Business Partner
2.1 Business Partner Functional Design
2.2 Partner Roles
2.3 Download Customizing Objects
2.4 Number ranges for BP
2.5 Define Groupings and assign number ranges
2.6 Assign BP Classification to SD customer account group in transaction PIDE
2.7 Initial Load

3. CRM MW Business Partner Relationships
3.1 Partner Role Functional Design
3.2 Converting Control Tables
3.3 Inactivate Mobile Scenario
3.4 Initial Load

4. CRM MW Business Agreement and Contract Accounts
4.1 Business Agreement and Contract Accounts Functional Design
4.2 Number Assignment
4.3 Contract Account Categories and Business Agreement Classes
4.4 Converting Control Tables
4.5 Configure FI-CA for active open item accounting
4.6 Tax features in CRM
4.7 Payment Methods
4.8 Define the terms of payment in CRM
4.9 Initial Load

5. CRM MW ConnectionObjects and PODs
5.1 Functional Design Connection Objects and PODs
5.2 Set up Product Hirerarchy and Product Category
5.3 Define IS-U Customizing settings for Technical Objects
5.4 Initial Load

6. Product Manster
6.1 Product ID Format
6.2 Hierarchies and Categories
6.3 Types, Attributes and Views
6.4 Configurable Products/span>
6.5 Product-Rate Integration

7. CRM IC webclient
7.1 Components of the IC Webclient
7.2 Business Roles and Number of IC Webclients
7.3 Business Partner / Account Search
7.4 Organisational Model and Business Roles
7.5 Authorisation Profiles and Business Roles
7.6 Business Transaction Profiles
7.7 Layout and Technical Profiles
7.8 Table Personalisation
7.9 Credit Card number masking

8. Process Between CRM and ISU
8.1 Move In with Product Allocation
8.2 Change Move in Date
8.3 Move In reversal
8.4 Move Out
8.5 Change Move Out Date
8.6 Move Out Reversal
8.7 Contract with product Allocation
8.8 Reverse Product Change
8.9 Change of Supplier