SAP PS Online Training

SAP Project System Online Training Course Details.

SAP PS Online Training Course Content


 Project Management / Project System

 Project types & PS

 Planning Types

 Project Vs Project System

 Integration with Other modules


 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

 Network

 Activities

 Relationships

 Sub networks

 Milestones

 Standard structures

 Project Builder

 Project planning board

 Structure Planning

 Mass Change

 Status Management


 Types of Dates

 Settings for Scheduling Parameters

 Presentation of Dates in the Graphics

 Scheduling Functions

 Dates in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

 Scheduling the Work Breakdown Structure

 Network Scheduling

 Scheduling the Overall Network

 Overall Network Scheduling with Selection Option

 Scheduling with Service/Maintenance Orders


 Cost Planning

 Orders for Projects

 Project Cost Forecast

 Budget Management for Projects

 Availability Control

 Commitments Management (CO)

 Funds Commitment (Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Projects)

 Automatic and Periodic Allocations

Revenues and Earnings

 Billing Plans in WBS Elements

 Project-Related Incoming Orders

 Transfer Prices for Projects

 Sales Pricing and Quotation Creation

 Resource-Related Billing

 CPR and Valuation of Semi-Finished Constructions


 Project Cash Management

 Manual Payment Planning

 Calculating the Payment Flow Automatically

 Recording Actual and Commitment Payment Data


 Capacity Leveling in the Project System

 Executing Capacity Leveling (PS)

 Workforce Planning


 Procurement Management

 Material Assignment to Networks

 Activating Requirements

 Material Availability Check

 Activating Requirements

 Material Assignment to Standard Networks

 Project stock

 Grouping for Individual Project Planning

 Bill of Material Transfer

 Delivery from Projects

 Monitoring Dates

 Assembly Processing in the Project System

 Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan)

Production Resources/Tools (PRT)

 PRT – Detail Study

 Production Resource/Tool (PRT) Availability Check


 Confirmation Directly in the Project System




 Creating Simulation Versions

 Transfer of Operative Data and Simulation Data

 Evaluating Simulation Versions


 Project Version – detail study

 Project Versions in the Information System


Project Progress

 Progress Analysis Process

 Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA)

 Progress Tracking


 Preparation and Customizing

 Standard Tasks in the Project System

 User-Defined Standard Tasks and Workflow Tasks in Milestones

 Purchase Order Change

 Configuration Change Management (PS)

Project Information System

 Working with the Information System

 Technical Project Reports

 Commercial Project Reports

 Project  Summarization

 Reports on Resources


Original budget

Budget release

Budget supplement

Budget return

Budget carry forward

Period end closing:

Project settlement

Profitability analysis

Result analysis